Matt Miazga


At Road's End

by Matt Miazga

Released 2012
Released 2012
Combining classic, modern and acoustic rock with modern worship, "At Road's End" is the culmination of 10 years of songwriting. It reflects the hardships endured, the questions raised, the unfailing love of a Creator and the lessons learned along the way.
"At Road's End" is the collective story that Matt wanted to tell through these 14 songs. Each one was written at a different point in his life over the past 10 years, and each one reflects his spiritual journey at that time in his life. "At Road's End" is the point in all of our lives when we realize we've come as far as we can on our own power... which really isn't all that far. It's that point when we throw up our hands in frustration and ask, "what now??" It's the point in our lives when we finally realize that to take the next step into unmarked territory means that we have to let go of ourselves and hold on to God. Though the road ahead looks uncertain and filled with danger, God knows the way and our final destination is better than anything we could imagine. We just have to take that step of faith when the road ends and throw ourselves into the wilderness ahead.

Guitars, bass, mandolin, keyboards and vocals: Matt Miazga.
Drums: TJ Fischer
Cover photos: HR Kelley
Mixed& Produced by Matt Miazga